Amazon Recruitment in Telangana(Hyderabad): Work From Home Non Voice Chat Process-10th Class/ Inter

Amazon Recruitment in Telangana(Hyderabad): Work From Home Non Voice Chat Process-10th Class/ Inter

Amazon Recruitment in Telangana(Hyderabad): Work From Home Non Voice Chat Process-10th Class/ Inter
10 class / ఇంటర్ తో amazon లో work from home ఉద్యోగ అవకాశం 
Amazon Recruitment in Telangana: Work From Home Non Voice
Chat Process

Amazon is presently hiring for their Non Voice Chat Process
in Telangana if you’re seeking for a work-from-home opportunity with a
reputable firm. You may find all the details about the position, including
eligibility requirements and benefits, in this post. Continue reading to learn
how you can work from home and join Amazon’s virtual customer support team.

Information about the
Amazon Job Position:
The Virtual Customer Service (VCS) concept was created
for customer service operations in India. You will be required to work from a
designated home office that Amazon will supply as a VCS associate. To provide
high-quality service, it is crucial to maintain consistent internet
connectivity and to provide a productive work atmosphere.

Compensation and
Qualifications for Amazon Work From Home job

  1. Salary for This Position in  between INR 202,000 and INR 288,600.
  2. Candidates must be willing to work night hours
  3. Have a strong command of the English language (both speaking
    and listening).
  4. 10+2 (Intermediate ) is the   minimum


Virtual interview and

  1. The interviewing process will be done online.
  2. You will need a laptop or desktop with a working webcam and
    headphones .
  3. It is advised to utilise Google Chrome’s most recent version
    for the evaluation.
  4. After registering, look in your mailbox for the link to the
  5. Then finish the evaluation in one sitting.
  6. The examination must be finished within 48 hours because
    this opportunity is only available for a brief time.

Amazon also provides
the following benefits:


  1. Zeta Meal Card: Take advantage of a monthly meal allowance
    of INR 1,100, for a yearly total of INR 13,200.
  2. Get up to INR 5 lac in annual health insurance coverage.
  3. Earn an additional 150 Indian rupees per night as a night
    shift allowance.
  4. Overtime Allowance: Depending on business policy, you might
    be paid for overtime.
  5. Get a monthly allowance of up to INR 1,250 for
    internet-related costs.
  6. This benefit is only available to workers who work remotely.

Amazon Work from Home Job Application Procedure: To apply
for this opportunity, click the link in this email and follow the on-screen
instructions. Use the most recent version of Google Chrome. Contact Amazon
Support at or call +91-901-640-6406 with any questions
or concerns about the application process.

Please be aware that you are not eligible to apply if you
have applied and finished the assessment within the previous 90 days or if you
are enrolled in a normal course.

Join Amazon’s non-voice chat process in Telangana to work
remotely from the convenience of your home. This is a fantastic chance to join
Amazon’s customer support team, with competitive pay and added perks. Apply
right away so you don’t lose out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance!

  1. Amazon is currently hiring for their Non Voice Chat Process
    in Telangana, providing a promising Work From Home opportunity.
  2. Candidates who possess excellent English language skills and
    are comfortable working night shifts are eligible for this role.
  3. As a VCS associate, you will be expected to work from an
    approved home location with uninterrupted internet connectivity.
  4. In addition to a competitive salary, Amazon offers benefits
    such as a Zeta Meal Card, health insurance coverage, night shift allowance,
    overtime allowance, and internet allowance for work-from-home employees.
  5. To apply, complete the virtual interview and assessment
    using a laptop or desktop with a webcam and headphones, and make sure to use
    the latest version of Google Chrome. Remember, this opportunity is for a limited
    period, so act fast!


Amazon Work From Home Non Voice Chat Process 

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