RRR మూవీ రే స్టీవెన్సన్ ‘థోర్’ ఫ్రాంచైజ్ 58 ఏళ్ల వయస్సులో మరణించాడు Remembering Ray Stevenson: Versatile Actor from ‘RRR’ and Marvel’s ‘Thor’ Franchise Passes Away at 58


Remembering Ray Stevenson: Versatile Actor from 'RRR' and Marvel's 'Thor' Franchise Passes Away at 58

New Delhi: The loss of Irish actor Ray Stevenson, best known
for playing the evil British Raj governor in the movie “RRR,” had a
significant effect on the director of the movie, SS Rajamouli, who paid him a
poignant homage.


Rajamouli took to Twitter to voice his dismay at the news
and to express his incredulity. He applauded Stevenson for infusing the movie’s
sets with an enormous amount of vigour and enthusiasm that was genuinely
contagious. The director said it was a true joy to work with him. Rajamouli
sent Stevenson’s family his prayers and condolences in the hopes that
Stevenson’s soul would find eternal peace.


Stevenson, 58, reportedly died on Sunday, according to the
news. He started his career in the 1990s, first appearing in television
programmes before landing significant action roles in Hollywood blockbusters
starting in the 2000s. In the Marvel ‘Thor’ franchise, he played Volstagg, one
of his most recognisable roles.


With his pivotal performance as Dagonet, one of the brave
Knights of the Round Table, in Antoine Fuqua’s 2004 adventure blockbuster
“King Arthur,” Stevenson made his breakthrough in the movie business.
According to “Variety,” in the film, his heroic character bravely
gives his life in combat to save Arthur (played by Clive Owen) and his companions..


As noted by “Variety,” Stevenson received a
prominent role in the Marvel movie “Punisher: War Zone” in which he
played the titular mercenary, Frank Castle, also known as the Punisher.


Ray Stevenson, who recently passed away, starred in the
upcoming action-adventure limited series “Ahsoka,” a Star Wars
spin-off based on the well-liked series “The Mandalorian.” He
portrayed Baylan Skoll in the show, a former Jedi who escaped Order 66 by
finding safety in the Unknown Regions. He served as Thrawn’s ally and Shin’s
mentor. Stevenson’s final performance represented a key turning point in his

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