Thryve Digitals Recruitment Freshers as a Trainee Claims Adjudicator in Hyderabad-Any Graduate


Thryve Digitals Recruitment Freshers as a Trainee Claims Adjudicator in Hyderabad-Any Graduate 


Searching for a rewarding career path in the healthcare sector? A fantastic opportunity as a Trainee Claims Adjudicator is offered by Thryve Digitals in Hyderabad. Thryve Digitals, an up-and-coming global healthcare partner, provides its healthcare partners with strategic innovation, knowledge, and flexibility. Both new hires and seasoned professionals with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in any field are qualified for this full-time role in Product Management and Payer Core Operations. Be a part of a creative team that develops cutting-edge solutions and has a positive impact on the future of healthcare by joining Thryve Digitals.

Name of the Company                    : thyyve Digitals

Job Designation                             : Trainee Claims Adjudicator

Job Role :                                     :Product Mgmt & Payer Core Ops, Business Operations

Job Type                                       :Fulltime / Permanent

Location                                       :Hyderabad

Age                                              :20+

Salary                                          :2.5 to 3 lacks

Experience                                  : Freshers& Experienced  

Education Qualifications              : Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Any discipline

About Thryve Digitals:

Thryve Digitals is a top US healthcare conglomerate company that offers cutting-edge solutions and knowledge to healthcare partners around the world. Thryve Digitals keeps ahead of the curve thanks to direct access to rich insights, empowering its partners to provide satisfying customer experiences. Thryve Digitals utilises a collaborative approach to bring together the skills
of specialists in operations, IT, and healthcare to develop sustainable systems that engage patients and improve the future of healthcare. Thryve Digitals encourages honesty, diversity, and inclusion as a company and provides equal opportunity to all. Visit their website at to find out more about Thryve Digitals and their dedication to revolutionising healthcare.

Summary of the role: Trainee Claims Adjudicator

The Operations team at Thryve Digitals is extremely dependent on the Trainee Claims Adjudicator position. As a claims adjudicator, it will be your duty to evaluate claims in compliance with client needs and Highmark standards by analysing, validating, updating, processing, and adjudicating them. Collaboration with customers, business analysts, partners, and IT team
members is another aspect of this profession that entails driving innovation and quality. You will improve the experiences of healthcare customers by offering creative solutions to challenging business needs.

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Additionally, once they gain experience, Trainee Claims Adjudicators provide new hires with support, facilitating a smooth transfer into the position. You’ll uphold the company’s dedication to quality by adhering to Highmark and Highmark IT standards, rules, and processes. As you connect with team members, customers, partners, and management while reporting
on production and quality status, effective communication skills are crucial.

Qualifications and Skills:

 A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in any field is required to be considered for the Trainee Claims Adjudicator post. Effective
teamwork and documentation require strong verbal and written communication skills. You can thrive at analysing and processing claims while keeping a good rapport with stakeholders if you have strong analytical and interpersonal abilities.

Opportunities for Growth and Learning:

At Thryve Digitals, we value investing in the professional advancement of all of our staff members. You will have access to a variety of learning opportunities as a Trainee Claims Adjudicator to develop your abilities and broaden your understanding of the healthcare sector. As you negotiate the difficulties of claims adjudication, our international team of professionals will guide and
direct you. Working with cutting-edge tools and creative solutions will also provide you the ability to stay on the cutting edge of your field. As part of its commitment to fostering a culture of lifelong learning and professional development, Thryve Digitals makes sure you have access to the resources and assistance you need to succeed in your career.


Positive Workplace:

 Thryve Digitals values its employees and promotes a friendly workplace that supports inclusivity, creativity, and collaboration. We think that different points of view produce fresh ideas and superior results. You will work with a supportive group of people who respect open communication and teamwork as a Trainee Claims Adjudicator. Our company supports a good work-life balance because we value personal development and well-being. Thryve Digitals additionally offers excellent remuneration packages, including a salary range of 2.5 to 3 lakhs, as well as perks that are tailored to the need of our employees.

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Thryve Digitals is the ideal place for you if you’re prepared to start an exciting professional adventure in the healthcare sector. You will help revolutionise healthcare and have a positive influence on customers’ lives as a Trainee Claims Adjudicator. You will have plenty of prospects for growth and progress because to our dedication to innovation, competence, and collaboration. Don’t pass up the chance to work with a partner in global healthcare that values honesty, diversity, and inclusion. Join the Thryve
Digitals team in Hyderabad right now and be recognised and celebrated for your abilities and achievements.

How to Apply :

Please use the following online application link to submit your application for the Trainee Claims Adjudicator position at Thryve Digitals: To be considered for this wonderful opportunity, please complete the form and submit it. Don’t pass up the opportunity to work with a partner in global healthcare that respects its employees and encourages innovation and diversity in the workplace.

An outstanding employment opportunity as a Trainee Claims Adjudicator is offered by Thryve Digitals in Hyderabad. Thryve Digitals equips healthcare partners with the knowledge and tools they need to give their customers satisfying experiences by putting a strong emphasis on strategic innovation. You will be an essential part of the analysis, validation, and processing of claims as a Trainee Claims Adjudicator while maintaining adherence to quality standards. Both new graduates and seasoned professionals are encouraged to apply for this full-time post, which offers a platform for both personal and professional advancement. Submit an application right away to join Thryve Digitals.

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