Part time Jobs near me October 2023 Update Andhapradesh & Telangana – Part time jobs in City / Village

Part time Jobs near me : October 2023 Update Andhapradesh & Telangana – Part time jobs in City / Village

Part time Jobs near me , Recently Way2news Released Latest Recruitment Notification for 8000 part time Jobs in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana , You can do work in your local city  or village , Who is waiting for part time jobs near me this is best suitable job for you , You can work part time jobs or full time jobs and earn more than 25000 K for month as per your work .

The Qualification for this part time jobs is only 10th class or SSC , Inter ( 10+2) , Any Degree , PG or Any Qualification is Eligible for this Job . Before Apply this way2news part time jobs carefully read all the necessary details in this naukari4us website . you can also apply more job updates follow this website.

Part Time Jobs Near me: Earn Up to ₹25,000 Monthly

Are waiting for part-time employment opportunity near by your location , the ages of 18 and 45 and looking to make some extra income, part-time jobs might be the perfect fit for you. Whether you reside in Hyderabad , Kurnool , Nandyal , Wast Godavari , West Godavari , Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, or elsewhere, there are various options available that can pay you a minimum of ₹5,000 to ₹25,000 a month.

part time jobs near me
Part time Jobs near me October 2023 Update Andhapradesh & Telangana – Part time jobs in City / Village 5

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Part time jobs near me
Part time Jobs near me October 2023 Update Andhapradesh & Telangana – Part time jobs in City / Village 6

Finding the Right Part Time Job Near me(You)

1. Part Time Jobs in Bangalore:

Bangalore is a best city with a many of part-time job opportunities. From retail to customer service and data entry, there’s a diverse range of options available for those seeking part-time work.

2. Part Time Jobs in Chennai:

You are waiting to work in Chennai, this Part time job offers an array of part-time work opportunities, including more event coordination, and content creation. Find a role that fits your skills and schedule.

3. Part Time Jobs in Hyderabad:

Hyderabad, known for its IT sector, also provides part time job openings  in all fields like digital marketing, virtual assistance, and online tutoring and more.

4. Part Time Jobs in Delhi:

You are waiting part time jobs in capital city Delhi , Many more part-time job opportunities in sectors like hospitality, retail, and online freelancing.

5. Part Time Jobs in Mumbai:

You are waiting a part time job in Mumbai, the financial capital, has a wide range of part time jobs in marketing, content writing, event management, and more.

6. Part Time Jobs in Pune:

You are searching a Part time jobs in Pune, its educational institutions and IT sector, offers part time job options such as teaching, data entry, and graphic designing.

Work from Home Part Time job Opportunities

1. Online Part Time Jobs:

online part time jobs have gained immense popularity. You can engage in activities like content creation, social media management, virtual assistance, or online tutoring right from the comfort of your home.

2. Part Time Jobs for Students:

Students looking to earn while they learn can select for part-time roles that suit their schedules. Whether it is data entry, writing, or online tutoring, there are numerous options available.

3. Part Time Jobs on Mobile:

Those who prefer to work on their mobile devices, various online part time jobs are accessible through mobile applications. These jobs can be done without any initial investment, making them ideal for students and young adults.

4. Flexible Part Time Jobs:

If you are looking for flexibility in your working hours, consider roles that require 3 to 4 hours a day. These positions allow you to maintain while earning a steady income.

Secure Your Part Time job Opportunity Today!

A part-time job can not only supplement your income but also provide valuable work experience and enhance your skill set. This job opportunities available near you, whether it is  in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, or Pune. Dont  miss out on the chance to earn between ₹5,000 to ₹25,000 per month while enjoying the flexibility of part-time job work from home .

Begin your journey towards a fulfilling part-time job today. Search for part-time jobs, part-time work from home jobs, and online part-time jobs for students to discover the perfect fit for your needs and aspirations. Happy job hunting!

part time jobs near me
Part time Jobs near me October 2023 Update Andhapradesh & Telangana – Part time jobs in City / Village 7

Part time Jobs near me : Job Over view :

Part time jobs near me ,It a job near your village , or city as a part time or full time job you can Earn more than 8000 to 20000 k per month .

Name of the Company  Way2News
Job Designation Way2news Growth partner
Location In Your Village , City ( Part time jobs Near me )
Age 18 Years to 45 Years
Education Qualification 10 th Class / SSC / Inter/Degree (Pass/Fail)/BE/Btech
Salary / Pay Scale Min 8000 – 25000 (Per Month )

Way2news Duties & Responsibilities for Part time jobs near me :

  • This way2news Part time jobs near me is you can work in your local city or village and interact with the users .
  • Talk to local mobile users on a daily basis and create awareness about Way2News app features
  • Door to door marketing about Way2News app in every village/town for new installs
  • Promoting way2news app in your town and nearby towns or villages and install way2news part time jobs near me.
  • Bringing new downloads to Way2News app daily as a part time jobs
  • It is a Complete part time jobs , Payment is based on your downloads vs target downloads .

Qualifications for the part time jobs near me .

  • All the Candidates are apply and work with target as a Part time jobs , and your can work near you villages and Town.
  • Awareness on Mobile Internet user
  • Able to speak Telugu fluently
  • 18-45 yrs. middle aged
  • Self-motivated enthusiasts

Educational Qualification for way2news part time jobs

  • 10/Inter/Degree (Pass/Fail)
  • Incentives & Benefits for way2news job as a Part time jobs near by you :
  • Minimum Income of Rs.5 thousand per month
  • After 390 downloads target get Rs.10 per download
  • Incentive for quality downloads (users using Way2News daily)
  • Money will be credited to your bank account through UPI on 1st of every month.
  • Our growth partners in Nellore district earn an average of Rs.10,200 per month

Frequently Asked Questions about part time jobs or Way2news job:

Can anyone join Way2News as a growth partner?

Only those selected by Way2News with prescribed qualifications can join.

Is this a part time job? Full time job?

It depends on your talent. 71% growth partners in Nellore switched from part time to full time and earned Rs.15000 per month. Committed full time growth partners earn an average of Rs.15000 per month.

Will I be paid even if the target is not met?

There will be a minimum payment. If the target is not completed, we will pay Rs.10 per install.

Eg: If you do 250 downloads out of target 390, you will earn Rs.2500 at Rs.10 per install.

We encourage our growth partners to make it a full time job and get the specified downloads daily. Daily active partners will get extra bonus and incentives.

What are Quality Downloads? How do I get incentive for quality downloads?

Download quality is calculated by user activity installed by you. If a user uses way2news app daily then they get high quality download and if they use way2news app occasionally and are not active daily then they get low quality download.

Will I be fired?

Yes, as per these terms

Case 1: If your quality score is less than 40 for 3 consecutive months then you will be fired

Case 2: Indulging in illegal activities to get more downloads will result in removal

Case 3: If you are inactive for 7 days (no downloads in 7 days)

Case 4: In case of complaints of objectionable behavior from locals/ growth team

Is this a temporary opportunity? A long-term opportunity?

This is a long term opportunity. As Way2News grows rapidly, so do you. Committed growth partners can generate revenue for years to come. You may be asked to promote new mobile apps in the future.

You will be given additional tasks to earn extra income

How & when will the payment be?

Money will be credited to your bank account through UPI on 1st of every month. Your August revenue (fixed revenue + any additional installs plus quality incentive) will be paid on September 1

Any other support from way2news?

There will be online training.

Is the target difficult to complete?

No. Uncommitted people fail.

93% growth partners have completed the target in the pilot project. Many received double the prescribed income. Growth partners who worked full time earned more than Rs.15000 per month.

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